Saturday, June 4, 2011

More New Projects

Yesterday was my last day of school for the school year and summer break has begun. I turned off my alarm clock and am ready to spend at least a month doing what I want to do. I have my mission trip coming up in July and I am teaching 2 Mommy and Me classes so June is my month. It has been a long time since I have been inspired to do as much crafty stuff as I have been doing lately and I love it. This helps to keep me busy and helps me to feel as if I have accomplished something.

Here are pictures of two more projects.

Tart Burner

So, I got a very cute tart burner and with it being clear and all I thought it needed something so I added some polka dots to match my shower curtain and TA-DA! I have a very cute tart burner in my bathroom.

Bedroom Pillows

So, the next project is pillows. I had 2 pillows that I have had forever and thought they needed a new life. I went to Goodwill and found 2 sweaters that matched my bedding, went with each other, and were very soft. Then I created 2 reversible pillows to go on my bed. The green one is not finished yet but I wanted to get the full effect. I am thinking of adding embellishment to the green one and that will be later. I haven't even sewn it up yet. Here are my latest projects and I am feeling creative and productive and that is a good thing.
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Not really sold on the plaid but it looks really cute.  I really think that it is too much purple and I am going to look for something blue and green.


  1. Add the new ones! And link up somewhere!! :)

  2. Love your projects!
    Found you through Sew Darn Crafty