Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Well I know that it has been quite some time since I have been on here. However, life has a way of taking off with me leaving me to catch up sometimes. As I reflect on Memorial Day and those that have gone before me I am left thinking most about my dad and my grandmothers. My dad died 13 years ago the day before Valentines Day. My grandmothers both passed away several years ago. I helped my mom last weekend put flowers up at the cemetery and just thought about who would do this when my mom couldn't do it anymore. If not for her reminding and making me and my siblings it would not get done. This makes me very sad. Then I think back on my ex's family who would go up on the mountain and sing songs and place flowers then have a huge meal afterwards. I may not have agreed everything my ex in laws did but taking that moment to celebrate and remember those who struggled, loved, and lived before them is something that is priceless.

Other things have been going on since I last posted and it deals mainly with school drawing to an end and summer break getting started. I have three more days with kids and then one more work day without them and then I am finished and ready to start summer. I have had an interesting year. This was my first move in 9 years and I am in an elementary school surrounded by new rules, lots of kids, and new expectations. So, this year has been a learning experience and I have enjoyed most of it. Right now I am even doing a project at school and I have been very busy. This being my first year where I am I have not had time to do the whole organization thing. I still have a lot of stuff in my basement but I have been taking in bags of items for a few months now. I really want to start next year out right so I will post pics of my organization when it is done. I didn't do a before shot so you will have to imagine the chaos it was before.

I have also been working on some projects which I will post pics for. I reupholstered a chair and have just finished making a kitchen curtain. Here are the pics :)

The curtain (pic 1), and the chair (pic 2) and their love child (pic 3)
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 Then I worked on a kitchen curtain. So, I have caught you up on my latest projects. I am not even close to done so as soon as I do some more I will let you know and post pics.

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