Friday, June 17, 2011

Flower Pots, Instant Jam and a Little Girl

This past week was very busy and very fun.  I had my niece over for two days and we love to make things when she is here.  Last time she was here she painted a flower pot.

Then this week we added dirt and seeds.  I just hope they grow for her :)  Our other project was to make jam.  We had gone to the grocery store and I just happened to get the great idea that we could make jam together.  Gaby was all in.  This was after I read the pectin bottle and learned that there is such a thing as instant jam.  We decided we needed strawberries, blueberries (which we would put in our pancakes the next morning) and peaches.  We bought the cutest little jars and took them home and got started.

                                                                   Smashing the fruit.

                                                                    Filling up the jars

We made two kinds Peach/Strawberry and Strawberry/Blueberry and it was quick, easy, and so very yummy on toast.

I am going to have to keep thinking up more and more projects to keep us busy when she comes to visit :)


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! I'm sure Gaby LOVES hanging out with Aunt Lee!

    By the way, do you think it's appropriate to comment on your blog that MY BOOTIE IS SORE?!? Yikes. We need to run again tomorrow. :)

  2. This looks like great fun...I used to make freezer jam with my daughter. Haven't made it in years though. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm one of your followers now...hope you have a great weekend!