Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8, 2011

So, it has been awhile since I posted anything so I thought I needed to do that. I really want to keep up with this and I am hoping that it will help hold me accountable for getting things accomplished.

I have been busy chatting with my guy friend this week. Thursday - HE ASKED ME OUT!!! I am very excited. Let me just tell you how great this guy is. I asked him if I could post on Face Book that I had a date because I have kept people in the know using Face Book since my ex walked out. I told him that I wouldn't post his name, mainly because it is no one's business as of yet, and that I wanted to ask for prayer because this was a big deal and I was very nervous. He said that he thought that was a great idea and asked that I ask for prayer for him as well because he was nervous too. Wow!! I am so not used to how this guy thinks. The more I chat with him the more I respect him and his determination to keep his priorities straight. He wants God first and then his family. I think that should be applauded. So, our date is Saturday and we are going to my friend's house, the one who got us chatting, and we are going to play games and eat. I truly feel that this man is amazing and he has absolutely no idea. Even if nothing ever happens with us I am blessed just to have gotten to know him over the past week.

Now on to a lighter topic - Projects. I have finished painting my trash can and I have worked diligently on my friends sign. Here are the pics for both of those. The sign is not finished I have to sand a little more, glaze it, and make sure that it looks old and well loved.


  1. Oh Lee, I LOVE it!!!! It is gorgeous!!! You did a fantastic job. Thank you,thank you, thank you!!!! :) :) :)

  2. Hi, Lee! I'm new in this world or blogging, too. My best friend and I have a blog together. I have to take baby steps, but maybe one day I'll venture out on my own. I found you blog thru the Between Naps on the Porch metamorphosis Monday party link. Have fun!

  3. Hi Lee....I just came from Crystals and saw you were new. Cute sign. Welcome to blogging. I would love to have you join my newbie party...going on now. You will be sure to make some new friends...it is only for NEW bloggers. COme and join in the fun!!~ XO

  4. So glad you joined. I would appreciate it if you would add my link indicating you joined in...also if you would become a new friend as well...have fun!!~

  5. I am new follower, visiting from Crystal @ Ordinary Days, via DebbieDoos.
    Love your creations.
    The colorful "lazy" susan is a fav.

  6. HI Lee, via Debbie I got you. Your cats are gorgeous. Tigger looks like mine, Tiger. If you visit me you'll see him. I love cats so much. Couldn't agree more they bring us happiness.

  7. Hi Lee! Welcome to blogging. It's fun and you will meet so many new friends. I am your newest follower. Stop by and visit me sometime!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. Good luck with the date! I love your sign and trash can! I found you through Debbiedoo's. I'm following you now. Come be my bloggy friend!


  9. HI@
    Love what you made!!

  10. Hi there, lovely sign, and how true is the message. :)

    I am visiting from Debbie's party, and became a follower! Drop by my blog and do the same if you like.

    Have a great week.