Friday, July 1, 2011

Small Projects before Trip

I am heading to Guatemala tomorrow morning and I just wanted to post a few last minute projects that I have gotten done before I go.

Modern Art:  I had a couple of canvases in a closet that I have been meaning to do something with for a few years.  I got the idea of doing a little modern art using the canvases, paint chips, and modge podge.  Here are the results.

Another project is a wicker cube ottoman that I have had for years and my cats love to sharpen their claws on it so I decided to wrap it in carpet (which I may change the carpet that is on there for a smaller berber but I just went for what I had right now) and then put foam and fabric on the top.

The last project is my niecie who hadn't made it to my niece and nephew wall.  I got some pictures of her from my sister and scrap booked these pictures into a frame and now Miri is on my picture wall.  Yay!

Hope everyone has a great week and if you think about it throw up a few prayers for safe travel, life changing experiences, and good health for my mission team while we are in Guatemala.

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  1. Love all your projects! This paint chip art is adorable and so is your niecie! :) Hope you're having fun and having a wonderful experience even though you won't read this til you get back!