Thursday, April 14, 2011

A final chapter

So, yesterday was a crazy day. I had to teach and that is always exhausting, crazy, chaotic, fun, enjoyable, and a total learning experience for all involved. But the fun didn't stop there! I get home and go in the basement to check the leaking situation and AHHHHH!! I had standing water. So, I holler at my land lady (whom I love and adore) and she said that she was bringing me a wet vac to keep in my basement. Thirty minutes later I am in the basement sucking up water. Keep in mind I am having my family over for Easter Dinner and we are doing this in the basement

I come upstairs to take a little break when I notice on my phone that I have a message. My friend Cathy (Daisy the dogs mother) has called. I give her a call and find out Daisy needs a place to crash for a couple of days. Her daddy Randy has to go back to the hospital for another surgery. Daisy comes and Cathy leaves to take care of her husband. Daisy and the cats cautiously check each other out again and they go back to their understanding of staying out of each others way.

I get a call from my assistant (at school) who hurt her foot today getting a kid on the bus and she said that she wasn't coming in tomorrow and that I would have to ride her bus. I was already scheduled to ride another bus due to a rotation because of another assistants absence for two weeks. I called the teacher of the other assistant and told her to ride that bus I had to ride my assistants bus. Regardless I was going to ride a bus tomorrow :(

Then I have to go and meet my ex for our final meeting. It was very uncomfortable and he kept trying to talk and I just wanted to get the business done and go home. I signed the papers to have my name taken off the house and get the money he still owes me. I get up to leave and he says "I'll talk to you later." I don't know what that means exactly but I have no reason to ever talk to him again. Who knows because I definitely don't.

Got home fixed dinner, watched a movie, went to bed to get up early the next morning to take care of all my animals and ride the bus. A day in the life of me :)

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  1. The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round....

    Not funny, huh? :)

    Things are going to be looking up for you! I just know it. :)