Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 29th 2011

So, today has been a very calm day. I have done laundry, taken care of my cats, done all my face book games, talked to my little sister and started this blog. Tonight is an evening with the girls and I am very excited to go and hang out.

I also started a face book message relationship with a guy that my friend just loves and wants me to get to know better. I am divorced and in February will be divorced for a year. I am very scared, nervous, hopeful, scared, apprehensive, scared, and excited all wrapped into one. He seems like a nice guy. He laid a lot of his dirty laundry out on the table right away and I am sure that is a defense mechanism. He has a lot more to lose if this goes anywhere. I am just asking for strength, wisdom, and courage from God in order to know the path that I need to take. If nothing else both of us have taken a step out of our comfort zone and will hopefully both gain confidence.

I am not a wise witty woman but I am hoping that this blog may be useful. It may be filled with gibberish and nonsense but it will simply be me.

When I left my house due to my husband wanting out of the marriage I was blessed to have friends who rented apartments. They found me one and they have encouraged me to paint and create this cozy environment for me to live. I thank God for sending me such wonderful landlords.

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  1. Let me just be your first comment!! And by the way, you ARE a wise witty woman. Welcome to the blogland insanity and addiction. Don't say I didn't warn you (and encourage you too)! :) Love ya!!